How to Make Roux

Roux is fancy term for flour and oil, or butter, that's been simmered until it thickens. Roux is used as a base for many recipes. Watch as we show you how to make roux, including how to make a light or dark roux.

-Learning how to make a roux will seriously bump up your career in the kitchen. It's a simple technique that couldn't be easier, and it adds big time flavor to lots of recipes. To start, stir together equal parts flour vegetable oil until smooth in a large pot. You can also use butter if desired. There are 2 types of roux-- a light roux which will turn light reddish brown in color and a dark roux, which is simply cooked longer. A dark roux is ready when it's the color of the chocolate. A dark roux taste great as a base for gumbo. We're starting our chicken and sausage gumbo by adding peppers, onions, and celery into our dark roux. Later, adding okra, sausage, chicken and your spices. So, now, not only do you know how to make 2 different types of roux, but you know how to use your roux to add depth of flavor to any gumbo recipe.