How to Saute Mushrooms

Sauteed mushrooms add delicious, savory flavor to many recipes. Watch as we show you how to prepare and saute mushrooms until they're tender and perfectly cooked.

-Every cook should know how to saute mushrooms. No matter the type you use, white or button, portabello, oyster or shiitake, it's easy to saute mushrooms. First, place mushrooms in a colander and rinse quickly. Don't ever soak your mushrooms or they'll get mushy. Wipe each mushroom with a paper towel before cutting. Trim a little off the stem end and quarter or slice your mushrooms. Before adding to your skillet, making sure the pieces of the same size were even cooking. Next, add your mushrooms to a large skillet with butter making sure not to overcrowd your skillet. Cook and stir occasionally. Not got at first liquid comes out of the mushrooms but that soon evaporates. When the mushrooms turned tender and brown, they're done. Finally, top with snip brush tarragon. We like to spoon them over baguettes slices and top with blue cheese for a tasty appetizer. Delish.