How to Brown Ground Beef

Cooked ground beef is super helpful to keep on hand giving you the ability to whip up a family-friendly meal in minutes. Watch as we show you how to brown ground beef using our easy tips for perfectly cooked beef.

-While it seems basic, there are couple of tricks for how to brown ground beef with the best results. Always start with completely thawed beef to avoid watery meat, add only 1 pound at a time to a 10 to 12-inch skillet. To much meat on the pan causes the beef to steam and it won't get the desired brown color. Heat the skillet over medium high heat, stirring to break up the beef and spreading it evenly across the skillet. Once the meat is evenly brown, drain up the fat by pouring meat into a colander that's been placed over a heatproof bowl. Return the meat to the skillet and it's ready to use. If you're going to season, this is the time to add it. Add ground beef to tacos, pizza, casseroles, or store it for later. With this simple technique, you can beef up any meal.