Make an Ombre Glittered Vase

Transform a glass cylinder into a dazzling centerpiece with a bit of glue and glitter. Watch how it's done.

So, today I'm gonna show you how to make a simple ombre glittered vase. You first start off with a glass cylinder that's 6 by 5 and 3 different colors of glitter. Our first process is to start off with a coarse clear glitter and some Elmer's Glue that's just been watered down to make it easily spreadable. So, we're gonna just use a brush in our vase and you're just gonna cover the entire vase from the top to the bottom all the way around. And then, I'd like to use a little plastic tray to catch all the glitter and all you wanna do is just simple go like this, and you can see how it gives this nice icy effect to the vase. So, you wanna finish this entire vase and let it dry. Now, we're gonna start the ombre effect. Again, I'm gonna use my Elmer's Glue that has been slightly diluted and I'm gonna start halfway up the vase. And this is the part where you get to have fun because it does not have to be perfect. But you wanna make sure that you go a little up, a little down, and working sections. And you know what's so great about this project, is that glitter is so inexpensive and you really get a lot of look for not a lot of money. And now I'm gonna take this really pretty peacock or aqua glitter and I'm gonna glitter down towards the base of the vase. So now, you can see I have the vases completely finished and dried into two colors, the clear and this pretty aqua. And now I'm gonna start by just finishing up the ombre effects and we're gonna use again the glue. And then we're gonna work now about halfway of the color here and again you don't want it to be perfect. Gonna work in sections again and remember, glitter down and work just like that, knock it off and after you finish the entire vase, you have your ombre effect. It's an inexpensive project with a lot of wow factor.