Decorating in Blue

Give a room a new look by decorating in blue. A blue room can take on different styles and looks, depending on what hues you use. See how to create a blue color scheme and start crafting a blue look for your own space.

-Picking a color scheme for decorating is easy when you use the color wheel. The color wheel maps out color relationships. And by doing so, it sets up guidelines for how colors work together. One of the simplest relationships is called complementary, which simply means any 2 colors opposite each other on the wheel such as red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange. Let's look at how a complementary color scheme works when decorating in blue and orange. In a complementary color scheme, pick 1 color to be the star. In this living room, various shades of blue color the walls and area rug plus a few accent pillows. Using the second color and accents, we'll create a dynamic vibrant look. In this space, an orange lamp and ottoman are an infusion of warmth against the cool blues. Patterns also help carry a color scheme by displaying both colors side by side for unity. A medium scale floral print on the drapes sports the blue and orange while a narrow stripe on the pillows along with the pattern on the ottoman introduces a small scale pattern for contrast with the same color palette for harmony. And when choosing colors, don't forget the neutrals. Here, an off-white on the sofa and chair are a calming visual among the vibrant blues and oranges. Play with different shades of complementary colors to get a scheme that works for you. A deep navy blue and a vivid coral orange or a dusty blue paired with pumpkin orange would both be considered complementary color schemes and will create a look that is unique to your style.