in Green

Decorating in Green

Learn how decorating in green can bring a fresh look to your home. A green room can include various shades of green alongside several other colors. Create your own green color scheme with these helpful tips.

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Decorate your home with the color wheel and create an energetic trio of colors. Using the color wheel helps you easily navigate the sometimes complicated triadic color scheme, which uses three colors equidistant from each other on the color wheel. Here's an example that starts out decorating with green, then, layers in orange and purple. All three colors have the same intensity which creates a balanced room. First, a vibrant purple sofa and green side chair pull their palettes from the large scale floral print on the room's curtains. Although the burnt orange hue appears mainly in the wall color, it creates a bold statement and a cozy room. A variety of solid green pillows on the purple sofa help bring the bold color inline with the rest of the room. And pillows made from the curtain fabric repeat the statement pattern. Taking a cue from the nature inspired palette, brown accents are added throughout the room to break up the intense colors. Here, cork flooring, rattan blinds, and woven ottomans give the room good grounding. Look at different triadic combinations. Red, yellow and blue, or pink, green and blue to create rooms that are vibrant without being overwhelming. Play with intensity and texture and you'll have a beautiful room full of color and energy.