How to Make Carrot Cake

No surprise -- carrots are key to successful carrot cake. We'll demo our favorite shredding technique for best-yet carrot cake.

-Carrot cake just may be the moistest of all cakes. So what's the secret? It's all in the shredded carrots. Not only do they add plenty of texture to this dense cake, but they also create tons of moisture, and not just any size shred will do, the smaller the better, so use the fine shredding grate of a box grater or a food processor to get the best results. This does two things. First, as the cake is baked, the carrots soften, making the cake moist and flavorful. And second, because the shreds are so light and small, they distribute evenly and don't sink to the bottom of the cake. So whatever you do, don't grab a bag of pre-shredded carrots from the produce aisle. They're fine for coleslaw, but they have to be much smaller to give you the carrot cake you crave. When it comes to carrots, don't shortcut the shreds.