How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

Our Test Kitchen expert helps guide you through shopping for sweet potatoes. The result is beautifully colored, sweeter sweet potato pie.

-If you haven't tried sweet potato pie, you should. And if you have, well, here's an insider secret to make this sweet treat tastier than ever. When you hit the grocery store, you'll probably find several kinds of sweet potatoes in the bins. For the best pie, look for the darker orange or even red sweet potatoes. They might be labeled yams, which is technically wrong, but that's for a different video. Fact is they're all sweet potatoes and their flesh can vary from white to yellow to orange to even red. In general, the darker the flesh, the sweeter the potato. So back to the grocery store. How do you know which ones to buy? Well, don't judge the potato by its cover. Scrape out a tiny bit of the peel with your fingernail. What's underneath the skin is the perfect guide. Go for the deepest orange you can find, it's the first step to a gorgeous and delicious pie.