to Make Sponge Cake

How to Make Sponge Cake

Beating the eggs is critical to full-flavor sponge cake. Watch as we show you the best technique for success.

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-Sponge Cake. If there was ever a recipe that needed a big sticky note slapped on the instructions, it'd be beating the eggs for a sponge egg. It's the only way to ensure the cake is tender, beautifully risen, and full flavored. It sounds fussy, but this really is Sponge Cake 101. Beating the egg exactly the way the recipe calls for is paramount to a cake with incomparable volume and texture. You'll know you've done it right when the mixture has doubled or even tripled in volume, turned to light lemon color, and leaves thick ribbons where the beaters are lifted out. Oh, and another little secret, bring those eggs to room temperature before beating. They'll be higher and lighter and will blend in other ingredients more easily because they're-- well, let's just say, they're more relaxed and comfortable.