to Make Scalloped Potatoes

How to Make Scalloped Potatoes

Avoid the crunch of overcooked scalloped potatoes -- our Test Kitchen expert walks you through the best way to prepare this popular side dish recipe.

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-Who doesn't love a bubbling casserole of creamy scallop potatoes? But that magical moment can end quickly if there's any trace of crunch. So, how do you guarantee creamy, not crunchy, scallop spuds? It's all about the slicing. And for the absolute best results, use a mandolin. Look, there's no magic here, just commonsense. With a mandolin, all the slices are the same thickness and cook at the same rate, so there won't be any thicker underdone cuts. You can tell when the scallop potatoes are done when a knife can easily pierce through all the layers. There you go. Now you've got the secret to tender, flavorful, melts in your mouth scallop potatoes. It's all in that magical mandolin.