How to Make Red Velvet Cake

Get the red back into your red velvet cake with our secret for vibrant color.

-Sure, red velvet cake is great tasting, but the fact is it's that fascinating red color that makes this cake stand out and there's one little secret that gets the most out of your red for an awesome looking cake. Originally, cocoa powder alone gave red velvet its color as it interacted with acids like vinegar and buttermilk. Weird, right? But, nowadays, it's this little bottle of grocery store red food coloring that really punches up the cake's true hue. You could use natural food coloring, but it isn't as intense after baking. And with red velvet cake, we want vibrant. And here's a tip we've learned the hard way in our test kitchen, make certain to fold the red coloring in before mixing, no need to have it splashing out of the bowl, then be sure to mix the batter on low thoroughly to eliminate any streaking in the cake.