to Make Pound Cake

How to Make Pound Cake

Enjoy a classic baked pound cake. Good quality ingredients are key, including the butter you pick. Watch our guide to successful pound cake.

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-Pound cake is as basic as it gets, but at the same time as good as it gets. The secret? No skimping or shortcuts with ingredients or timing. Using a few good quality ingredients and paying close attention to some simple techniques will give you outstanding pound cake. So, here's secret number 1. Always use real butter. Its flavor is unparalleled especially in recipes with just a handful of ingredients like pound cake. Not to get too food snubbing on you, but European butters make an unbelievable cake. And secret number 2, beat the sugar and butter together for at least 10 minutes. You do not wanna rush this all important beating step or you'll sacrifice both the rising and beautiful texture. You can use this time to dream about what kind of flavors you might wanna add to the batter. Beat until the mixture is smooth and very light in color. There you have it. Two simple secrets equal one outstanding pound cake.