How to Make Pecan Pie

Enjoy perfectly baked pecan pie by watching for the center filling to puff and by doing the classic knife test. We'll show you how!

-Without a doubt pecan pie is definitely one of life's simplest pleasures. And the secret to pecan pie lies in the doneness detail. While the ingredients are few and the technique is embarrassingly easy, hitting the right temperature for the perfect doneness can make or break the results. The pie is ready for testing when the center begins to puff a bit. This is from the beaten eggs getting hot enough in the center to cook thoroughly and rise. Once this happens, give the pie a little shake. That puffy center should be cooked just enough to have a little structural integrity, but still have a little jiggle in the middle. Now, pull it from the oven. The residual heat will continue to bake the filling resulting in pecan pie perfection. You can also test for doneness by inserting a table knife near the center of the cooked pie. Be sure to insert the blade between the knots to preserve the surface appearance as well as giving you an accurate moisture measurement. You're looking for the knife tip to come out clean.