How to Make Hamburger Casserole

Make classic hamburger casserole with the right cut of meat. We'll guide you through the options at your local meat counter.

-Hamburger casserole is a classic feel good food. When you're shopping for hamburger, give some thought to which ground you choose. Here's an info that might help. Ground beef comes from different parts of the cow and the fat content varies accordingly. Take a look. Working from front to back, ground chuck comes from the shoulder area, ground sirloin from the center, and ground round is from this area in the back. Anything labeled simply hamburger comes from any or all of the areas. You probably won't be able to tell a big difference just by looking at the meat, so you'll need to go back to the labels. They are really based on how much fat the beef contains. Here's what you'll find at the grocery store. A package labeled hamburger contains the most fat, about 30%. Ground chuck from the shoulders sports about 20% fat making it an excellent choice for burgers. The leaner grinds are sirloin with about 15% fat. And round, the leanest, contains less than 10% fat. So, here's a secret. When we brown beef for hamburger casseroles, we often use less expensive grounds then drain off the fat after cooking. It's a way to save money without sacrificing flavor. Now, that is still a good food.