How to Make Crab Dip

Choose the best ingredients for company-worthy crab dip. We show you the mixing technique that ensures you get big chunks of crab with every bite.

-Okay. This may be a little simplistic, but great crab dip is all about the crab. After all, crab is spendy and you don't wanna mess it up. So, here are 2 secrets to getting the most bang for your buck. First, buy the right crab. You can get unrefrigerated canned crab meat, but chilled pasteurized crab is the better choice here. However, there is no reason to go with the really pricey callosal or jumbo lump meat. Regular lump is fine. The second and most important secret is to add the crab just before serving after you warm the dip base through. Crab is extremely delicate and will shred in a heartbeat. If the base is warm, it's much easier to gently fold in the crab so the pieces stay as big and chunky as possible without breaking up. After all, you wanna get credit for spending all that money on making a great crab dinner.