How to Make Ciabatta Bread

Enjoy warm ciabatta bread by shaping the dough just right. It's all about the air pockets when it comes to ciabatta bread's texture. We'll show you the secret!

-Seriously, there's nothing better than eating warm ciabatta bread just out of the oven. It's signature wholly texture comes from the way it's shaped. But before I show you, here is the preshaping tip. Be sure to let the dough rest and relax. All that kneading makes the dough kind of tense up. So, give it time to relax, say about 10 minutes. After a little R&R, it won't be so uptight and it will be much happier to work with you. Now, for the shaping, put that rolling pin away. The secret is gently pulling the dough rather than rolling it into ciabatta's classic rectangle shape. Rolling tends to push out those desired air pockets that form during rising. After all, good ciabatta is all about the holes and tender texture and that's the whole story.