How to Make Bread Pudding

It's all about the bread when it comes to bread pudding. We'll show you the easiest ways to dry out your bread cubes and make delicious bread pudding for your next event.

The secret to good bread pudding is making sure the bread is dried out before adding the creamy custard mixture. Staling bread for pudding is the same as preparing it for Thanksgiving stuffing and you can do it one of two ways. First, tear or cube the bread up a day ahead and let it set out on the countertop overnight to dry out a bit or you can speed up the process by placing the bread cubes in a 300-degree over for 10 to 15 minutes just until they're dry. Be sure to stir the cubes a couple of times while they're in the oven so they dry out on all sides. Now that the bread has shed its water weight, it will act just like a dry sponge ready to absorb all that flavorful custard, not mushy and deliciously moist and creamy.