How to Bake Salmon

It’s so easy to bake salmon (and so good for you) that we bet our technique becomes a dinnertime staple.

-Leave the sushi for another day. Today, we're showing you how to bake salmon an we promise you won't be disappointed. We've got 2 tricks for baking. The classic way to know how long to bake your salmon is to measure it. For every inch of thickness, plan 8 minutes of cook time. Plain the salmon skin side down in a greased, foil lined, shallow baking pan. Brush the top lightly with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. And now, the second trick for knowing when your salmon is cooked properly. When you think your salmon is about ready, push a fork into it and twist. The meat should flake away like this. To serve, work a wide spatula between the salmon and the skin, lifting the salmon away from the skin. You've forgotten about sushi already haven't you?