How to Cook Broccoli

Everyone will ask for seconds when you learn the best way to cook broccoli. We’ve got cooking tips that will convert even the pickiest eaters.

-So, how do you cook broccoli? I'm glad you asked you health nut you. The secret to cooking broccoli is in the method. We'll prep the stems first and only cook the florettes for the last few minutes. First, trim your broccoli stems. Cut just above the thick stock. A quick flick of a vegetable peeler helps get to the tastier part of the stems. This step is optional, but good for pleasing anyone who makes faces when greens hit their dinner plates. You don't want any big clumps hanging around. Trim down any larger florettes too. Take your fine handiwork to the stovetop where you've got a small amount of water boiling. Toss in just the broccoli stems for 3 minutes. I didn't forget about the florettes. After the stems have been boiling, toss the florettes in for 2 minutes more. Set a timer and keep watch. You don't want your broccoli to overcook. A slotted spoon works best for the pan-to-plate delivery. This fresh cooked broccoli is soon to become a family favorite.