Your Own Strawberries

Grow Your Own Strawberries

Learn how to grow healthy, delicious strawberries in your garden.

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Did you know you can grow your own strawberries? It??s easy if you have a sunny spot in your yard. Plant strawberries where they will get full sun and moist but well-drained soil. It??s helpful to make it a lot of compost especially you have heavy clay or soil that doesn??t drain very well. After planting, spread the layer of molds over the ground to help keep it moist and reduce weed competition around your plants. Be sure to give the plants room to spread. Strawberries send out runners to form a colony. Because of the runners, if you don??t want an official strawberry patch, you can let them grow wild as a ground cover. There are two main categories of strawberries, June Bearing and Everbearing. June Bearing strawberries produce most of their food in one big crop, usually in early June. These varieties are particularly good to grow if you want to use the strawberries for making jams, jellies or pies. Everbearing strawberries spread out their crop throughout the entire summer, and are perfect for fresh for the garden snacks. You??ll also sometimes see Alpine Strawberries available. These plants produce smaller fruits but are reputed to have a much stronger taste. You??ll often see it recommended to remove strawberry flowers that you-- you plant them. Doing so helps the plants become established and gives you more and better quality fruit the next year. Recent working strawberry breathing has also produced plants that have pink flowers instead of the traditional white. These varieties are still highly productive but have extra ornamental appeal. If birds harvest your strawberries before you get a chance to, make a tent of bird netting over the top of the plant to protect them.