Grow Lavender in Your Garden

Learn how to grow beautiful, fragrant lavender in your garden.

With these gorgeous purple or white flowers and soothing scent, it??s easy to fall in love with lavender. This Mediterranean trop grows best in the hot sunny spot with well-drained soil. Keep your plant happiest with the soil that doesn??t stay wet or [unk] periods. If you have a lot of heavy clay, grow lavender in containers or raised beds. There are some varieties on the market, Hidcote is one of the most popular. It bears a wealth of dark purple blooms and have a strong fragrance. Munstead is an early variety from the early 1900, and has lighter purple flowers. Some newer varieties such as Elegance Purple, are more compact and may produce blooms over longer period than old lavenders. Because lavenders are shrub, you should not put it back to the ground and spay while [unk] nails. Trim back lightly for best results. When cutting lavender flowers, it??s best to take the flower stem all the way back to where the leaves come out. This keeps your lavender looking clean and fresh, and without dead stems thinking up of the leaves, you reduce the [unk] disease. You can use your lavender flower to make some shades of [unk] or in baking and cooking.