How to Cook Sweet Potatoes

If you want to know how to cook sweet potatoes, you’ve come to the right place. Watch as we show you the easiest (and tastiest!) way to cook sweet potatoes, along with two tasty topping ideas.

Want some ideas for how to cook sweet potatoes? You??re in luck. They are just as easy to cook as regular rustic potatoes. Here??s how to make a delicious banked sweet potato. Start with a thoroughly washed potato and prick it all over with a fork. This is especially fun if you have a tough day, just let it all out on your sweet potato. Now bake in a 400 degree oven on a foil lined baking pan for 45 minutes or until the potato can be easily pierce with a small knife. To serve, cut an X on the top of your potato. Top with butter. This is a must. If you??re thinking sweet, sprinkle on some brown sugar. More of a savory fan, sprinkle on some thyme or sage. Voila! Your sweet potato is ready to a tasty side in any dinner line up.