How to Make Lemonade

No sour lemons here! We show you how to make lemonade, turning it from a roadside-stand treat to a refreshing anytime drink.

-I won??t go into though when life hands you lemons, but really a secret of how to make lemonade is fresh lemons. To prep your lemons for juicing, loosen the bits inside by rolling them across your table surface. This is a great job for kids too. Slice the lemon in half and spoon out a few seeds. You??ll need 4 to 5 lemons to get 1 cup of juice and let??s do juice. I??m gonna use a basic reamer and press my lemon over the raised section. No squeezing needed. The bottom of the container collects all that tasty goodness. My reamer doesn??t have measurements. So, I??m checking for 1 cup by pouring into a measuring cup. Now, for the easy lemonade formula, 3 parts water to 1 part fresh lemon juice. Got it? 3 to 1 and stir. Sweeten with sugar as you go, tasting as you add. Keep stirring. Ah, now that??s summer in a glass. Pour and serve your fresh lemonade over ice with a slice lemon garnish. I??m craving a lemonade stand already.