Eco-Friendly Flower Arranging

Use our eco-friendly ideas for arranging flowers in your home.

-We've all received gifts arrangements built around a green block of foam, florist's foam. I've been looking for ways to arrange flowers without using that foam and there some great tips and techniques we can all try. I love to use old-fashioned flower frogs. You can find them at flee markets, through stores, I paid $2-$5 for these. These are what our grandmother's used. And all the stems of my Ranunculus will fan out in a really pretty arrangement. And the nice thing is the openings are often large enough to put 2 stems in each. There's a really cool material called Excelsior, it's also known as wood aspen. This material is really easy to come by, you can buy it at craft store or perhaps get it from a wine shop. They use it in packing. You tease apart the tangle of fibers, fill up the vase and then insert your flower stems into that framework. It looks really cool inside the clear vase and when the flowers are spent, this material can be toss along with everything into the compost bin. If you need to arrange short stems in a shallow bowl, you use young pliable branches willow or dogwood and simply arrangement them inside the bowl and create a framework before inserting the shorter stems. It's a pretty and useful technique for creating a beautiful arrangement. Chicken wire is a really great material to use especially for woody stems, you buy it at the hardware store, you can cut off about 12 inches and wearing gloves because it's kind of poky, form it into a ball, a really loose ball that can be inserted in your vase. So this arrangement will use woody stems. I'm starting with Pieris which is the ornamental shrub a lot of people have in their yards and as I cut the stem I insert it right into the opening of the chicken wire and I could push a lot of foliage right down into that opening. See how that starting to work there? Sometimes you don't even need anything extra, just fill your vase with foliage, pack it tight and use that to stabilize your flower stems. You'll have a great looking arrangements, it really works. I hope you'll try this easy, affordable and eco-friendly ideas for arranging your own flowers.