Eye on Style & Design

Leading design bloggers Kim Myles (kimmyles.com), Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (apartmenttherapy.com), Suzanne and Lauren McGrath (goodbonesgreatpieces.com) and Stacy Kunstel (stacystyle.wordpress.com) share their thoughts on today’s hottest design trends.

-New York is the epitome of style, and we are just so excited to be here and can be able to gather some of the greatest New York City bloggers together and talk style. We're gonna have great discussion with Maxwell from Apartment Therapy, Kim Myles and bloggers from Good Bones Great Pieces. And then afterwards, we're hoping to make a lot of great relationships so that we can bring some of these bloggers on to bhg.com and into the magazine for future issues. I love the confidence that people are getting in expressing their personal style. I love the global influence of style that's going on. I love African patterns. I love native American patterns and how you can mix those with something that's preppy and they still look really personal and cool. -Personal expression is a big one. There's an eclecticism which means people aren't following anyone else's style. They're trying to find their own. -There's a great new trend that we're seeing lately and that is using wallpaper. There's a lot of new designers creating beautiful modern, interesting wallpapers. A great price points, there'll be all over the country. -What's exciting to me personally is stencils. Big wallpaper scale stencils do not have the look of wallpaper and you rent, you're not sacrificing your deposit. Huge trend. I love where it's going and it's exciting.