How to Make Homemade Pizza with Guy Fieri

See chef Guy Fieri make homemade pizza topped with delicious ingredients, including Yukon gold potatoes, bacon, cheese, and chives. He shows how to toss pizza dough and shares his potato pizza recipe.

-Hey, how you doing? My name is Guy Fieri hanging out at my backyard here in Northern California in the Wine Country. And as a style-maker, I make all kinds of style especially on pizza. Now, this is one of my new favorites. We're talking about baked potatoes. I like the all-American everybody loves it. You got it since you were a kid, you've had it in so many different ways, good baked potatoes and bad baked potatoes. This is gonna be a baked potato pizza. So the first thing we gotta start off with these great ingredients, now great dough. How to make a dough? Well, not everybody is really versed in a dough making idea. So if you're not, find your favorite pizzeria, you can try them, buy a little fresh dough and come home and knock it up. I'm gonna start with a little flour just to make sure this not will stick into the board. And the key is, this is the foundation it's kind of like the baked potato is the foundation of a great stuffed baked potato and the pizza dough is the same thing. So we really wanna start with the great dough. So pound this out a little bit, flatten it if you're gonna use a rolling pin, go right ahead. This, give a little hand stretch, now behind me I've got a super hot Italian pizza oven and if you don't have one of those don't worry about it, nice pizza stone [unk] and you have it up to about 550 degrees would be in good shape. Give a little toss, the centrifugal force kinda spreads the dough out makes it nice and even. We'll check it all the way around, there you go almost can see through it. Take that the pizza peel here, dust it with a little flour. Some people like to use cornmeal, flour is gonna have to be my choice. Slide it on there. Now the key here is to make sure that as soon as you put it on that peel, that it can't move and we're looking good. So what is a baked potato pizza got? Well, first thing to start off with some nice potatoes have taken the potatoes here, sliced in think, steamed them those can go right on and the key here a Neopolitan-style pizza is to make sure that we don't overload it with ingredients so just enough to get the flavor. We'll go here with a little white cheddar, again just enough to coat the pizza and add the flavor but the key is not overdo it. This is the key to overdoing it. When I talk about making styles pizza, you go on with all the baking, don't tell my wife. Okay. [unk] bake that's way too much baking. Okay? Here we go. Got some really nice thin sliced onions, now this pizza is gonna cook super fast so I get these onions really thin, lay those over the top, a little fresh thyme, this goes so well with it. Sprinkle the thyme, a little bit of raw garlic, freshly chopped. Got a little touch. We'll had it with just a [unk] touch with some extra virgin olive oil, add some moisture, we did put the sauce down so it's gonna kinda make a tone sauce between the moisture in the potato, the cheese and a little bit of this olive oil, all that together make sure it's fast on the peel and over to the oven. Oven is burning right now at about 750 to 800 degrees, will go in fast, lay it off, two minutes we're ready to go. The prime timer watch, all right. Now, final touches on this, baked potato pizza right? With a little bit of sour cream right on top just like you like the baked potato, some fresh tomatoes, or you don't put tomatoes on your pizza? Some chives. Ladies and gentlemen, there you go baked potato pizza hanging out at my backyard. That is the pizza style.