How to Make a Minted Arnold Palmer

From muddling to adding mint, we show you how to make a tasty Arnold Palmer cocktail. Our mint-infused take on the classic recipe is simple and refreshing.

Summertime and we're gonna step up a traditional Arnold Palmer with a little bit of mint and some vodka. We're gonna start up with a tall glass, about a tablespoon of mint, 2, 3, 4 leaves of mint putting on the side. We're gonna throw in the glass and take a spoon or muddler and you wanna crush the mint between the spoon and a glass. You wanna get the oil starting to come out of the leaves. Then you wanna fill your glass with ice and then we wanna take about a third of a cup of sweet tea and a third of a cup of lemonade, which are made fresh a little earlier today, and then the best part, about 2 tablespoons of vodka, which is 1 ounce. Pour that over the ice. You have to stir and then you wanna top it off with a mint sprig or a lemon wedge. I like to actually use both so we're gonna squeeze some lemon in the top and there you go a minted Arnold Palmer.