Late-Season Perennial Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Add drama and interest to your late-season garden with these perennial flowers.

-Late summer could be an awkward time for color in the garden, but there are many perennial varieties that are at their peak when the weather is at its hottest and most humid. Joe-Pye weed is a Native American perennial that produces purple flowers in late summer. It's a favorite of butterflies. It's a big guy, so plant it at the back of the border or choose a dwarf variety that gets only 3 to 4 feet tall. Garlic chives are a wonderful ornamental edible. They bloom in early September. Have cherry wet and you can use the [unk] around just like you would chives. They have a garlicky flavor. The key to growing garlic chives is to deadhead them when the flowers fade; otherwise, they'll drop seeds and spread through your garden. Asters generally come in pink, purple, blue, or white. They vary from short and compact to tall and rangy. This is a beautiful New England aster. It's one of our favorites. It grows about 3 to 4 feet tall and is smothered in flowers. It's also a butterfly favorite. This one is just about to open. Sedums are a wonderful heat and drought resistant perennial. This variety is called Matrona. Most varieties have pinky reddish blooms. They are also extremely popular with butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. They look great in winter or as dried flowers. Helenium is another Native American flower that blooms in early fall. One common name is sneeze weed because it blooms at the height of hay fever season, but don't worry, this one won't make you sniffle. This variety is called Double Trouble. Most Heleniums are orange or orange-yellow. This variety is bright yellow and has double petals. It gets about 4 feet tall, so it's a great back of the border plant. Rudbeckia is a sure fire perennial from mid summer to fall color in the garden. It's often at its best in late summer. Commonly known as Black-eyed Susan, it has roots in the North American prairie. It comes in many sizes and varieties. It's very drought resistant and requires full sun and butterflies love it. Phlox will bloom in your garden from June until frost. Some of the taller varieties bloom later than the early varieties. They're great for color as the season ends. They're fragrant. Generally come in white, pink, purple, rose, and lavender and attract butterflies too. Many roses also put on a great color show in late summer, [unk] roses in particular. This is flower carpet scarlet. It grows about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Late summer perennials are the best way to perk up a drab garden. You can plant them in late summer to enjoy them now and again next year too.