How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Chewy or Crispy

We’ve got the best-ever chocolate chip cookie recipe for you! Get our tips for the kinds of fat you can bake with (butter, oil, and shortening) so your chocolate chip cookies end up chewy or crispy --whichever you prefer.

I'm Liz with Better Homes and Gardens. So how do you like your choco chip cookies? Regardless of whether you like them crispy or soft or somewhat in between, we have some Test Kitchen secrets to success. To help you tailor your recipe, to suit your taste, here's how. The secret to a cookie that's just the way you like it is all about the fats you choose to use. Cookies made with all butter generally have a really great flavor. It's better after all, but they tend to bake up crispy and spread a little flatter during baking. Are you more of a chewy-cookie person? Then use all shortening the dough. You may wanna add a touch more salt dough to give the flavor a little boost. And if you're someone who likes a chewy cookie with crispy edges, my personal favorite, then you'll wanna use half butter, half shortening to get that combination texture that I consider perfect. Finally, if you like a cookie with a light sandy crispy texture then you'll love this one. Bake with half butter and half oil. No matter how you like your choco chip cookies, Better Homes and Gardens secrets to success has the formula you need for perfect cookies every time.