Craft Christmas

Cookie Craft Christmas

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-Between the bake sales and the family gathering, chances are you're gonna be making a lot of cookies this holiday season, right ladies? -Absolutely. -Now, today, the authors of Cookie Craft Christmas, Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer are here to show us some great ways to bake and decorate with your kids and it's so nice to have you both here. -Thanks, Dr. Julie. -Thanks for having us. -So, this is such a wonderful holiday tradition for so many families and you're gonna show us today about how easy it can be to get the kids involved. But first, let's talk about decorating hygiene because this is particularly important. Especially when it's for bake sale or for family or for anytime. -Absolutely and what we recommend for everybody is to have handy wipes, moist wipes that are antibacterial on hand, so that kids can wipe their hands constantly. Moms can help them clean their hands but basically, that keeps things very sanitary for-- when you're baking for other people. -Okay. And you can package them up individually like that if you-- and you can put them in the box if it's for a bake sale. -Yes. There you can-- that may-- if you're on a bake sale, you can actually personalize the cookies at the bake sale, package them but make sure those handy wipes are front and center and constantly use whenever you're handling cookies. -Okay. Let's talk about shapes that are good for working with kids because some are easier than others. -Some are easier than others and small children, you know, you wanna help them make something great that they'll be excited about. So, the easy ones, the circles, you know, you can just use around cookie cutter and just cut out circle shapes or leaves shapes and if you don't have a cookie cutter, you can just, you know, use anything in the house, really, it doesn't have to be a cookie cutter. -A biscuit cutter, -Yup. -it gets round. -Anything-- glass, a glass. -Anything that works sometimes, yeah. -Yeah. So-- -Okay, let's talk about some of these. The wreaths and the holly leaves because these are easy. Show me what to do here. -These are so easy and you can use a plastic knife so the kids don't hurt themselves and all you do is go around and impress on the raw cookie before you bake it to stimulate some leaves and on the holly leaf, you're just gonna take the back of the knife and go down and make the veins of the leaf following it out here. Super easy. -That's so easy. -Super easy. -Now, you're also gonna put on some berries and while you do that, I'm gonna put some of these what do you call these little decorations? -The little Jimmy's little sugar designs. -Okay. -And what we've done here is we've taken some dough and just added some food coloring to it and made it colored. And so, what you can do also before you bake is just roll little balls and put them on to the cookie here and then it'll hold it shape as it bakes and it'll come out like the little holly berries. -And this is so easy for the wreath because there's no frosting involved so-- -No frosting. Yup. -And you just push these in and you just bake it and that's it. -That's it. -And all of these recipes for the wonderful dough are available in your cook book. So, if anyone wants to make them, just pick up the cookbook. Now, let's move over here. This is so fantastic. This was not available when I was a kid. -No. -That you can write on your cookies rather than having to frost them. -Tell us how it works. -They're food safe markers and they're great when you're decorating with kids because essentially, you can personalize things that you've iced. -And I just write right on it. -You write right on the icing. -Okay. -It's very dry icing, it's been drying a day or so and so you can make a luggage tag, I mean, a luggage-- a gift tag or you can make a-- -Okay. -You can make a luggage tag too, I guess. -This is for my senior producer, Tara, so I'm gonna just put-- and this is so great. -Yeah. -And obviously it's edible. -It's edible and you could hang it on your tree. -For you Tara. -Okay. Let's move on to-- now, you have, as we spoke here, you've decorated by flooding the cookie. -Yes. -Okay. -Piping and flooding, -Uh-hmm. -which is the basic technique and this-- to make the icing takes a little bit of practice, but if you're a mom and you're busy, you can make so many things with three colors of icing that you know, we recommend you can start out if you're a beginner with just white and then write in green. -So, you don't overwhelm the kids, not so many choices. -Right. -And it's more simple. -And then here is an easy-- here again, it's an easy shape. -Okay. -This triangle tree, it's easy to pipe and flood. And then just dot, this is what we called flood icing. -Dots. -And you can just make little dots and you have a really cute polka dot tree. -Oh, how nice. -They sink in and the effect is great. -Well, this is not only beautiful but it's easy. -Yeah. And you can mix your color dots in any-- -Oh. -It could be artistic. -Okay, well, I'm gonna put a dot on yours then. -Yes, you could be artistic and you can also do garland if you want. -I love that. Now, why you're finishing up here, just tell me about some of the most beautiful cookies here today. You guys worked really hard on these. Show me a couple of your favorites. -This is not for the beginners but this is one of our favorites where we used almost, you know, a lot of our icing techniques and it's just shocking-- -Gorgeous. -and it's one of our favorites and this is me basically with what we just did. Only we added a couple of dry shades with the, you know, silver dark shades to that. And here's what we call herringbone, which again it's very easy technique and it just involves a toothpick with what we just did. -They're almost too pretty to eat but I'd like to try one as we finish here. -Oh. -Which one? Which one can I have? -Why don't you bite the head off of that little guy? -Oh, that face. -An evil but I will. -Great, ladies. Thank you so much. Great to have you. -Thank you, Julie. -Thank you. -And your cookies are wonderful and so is the book. And if you would like more decorating ideas, you could pick up a copy of Cookie Craft Christmas. Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. Happy holidays, everybody. Let's try.