How to Carve a Turkey

Watch as we carve a turkey for Thanksgiving or another special dinner. We help you separate the light meat from the dark meat so you get the most out of your holiday bird.

-Bar for the holiday table. The reality is carving the turkey in the kitchen keeps the presentation clean and simple. With our secrets to success, carving is more manageable and a lot less stressful. Start by removing the leg quarters with a utility knife, slicing through the skin to cut their legs away from the body. Using the tip of the knife cut through the meat down to the joint then bend the thigh away from the body until the bone pops out of the socket. Cut through the joint and any skin still attached to the body. To spate the thigh from the leg, use your finger to find the joint that connects them and cut through it to separate. Now, here??s the secret we really like in the test kitchen. Remove the bone in the thigh, this way it??ll be much easier to slice the meat. The bone will come out easily if you cut down both sides first then pull it out. And if you don??t want to serve the leg whole, remove the meat by hand. This way, you avoid cutting through all the tendons in the leg. Finally, the breast meat. Find the breast bone and cut all the way down once side. Follow the ribs closely using the tip of your knife as you carve away. Again use your hands to pull the breast away from the bone. Keep carving until the breast is removed. Finally, slice the breast to half inch slices slicing against the [unk] or the turkey perfectly carved, the secret to success is now in the portions. Each person can have a little dark meat and a nice slice of white meat.