How to Roll Pie Dough

Enjoy a delicious pie recipe with homemade pie dough. We show you how to roll the pie dough and transfer it to a pie plate. Wondering how much dough to roll out? We’ve got the answer!

I'm Sue with the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. You've made the perfect dough for flaky pie crust. Now, it's time to get out the rolling pin and roll your way to perfect pie. Follow me. Sprinkle some flour over a wooden cutting board or pastry cloth. Then press the dough into a round with your hand. To flour the rolling pin, first make a couple of passes with the pin over the dough to help the flour stick. Then, sprinkle flour onto the pin. Now, roll from the center of the dough outward in all directions. This helps to make an even circle, and use a light but firm touch. I'm really not pressing down on the pin at all. The weight of the pin is really what's flattening the dough. Your recipe should tell you how large the rolled out dough should be, but for a standard 9-inch pie plate, we found that a 12-inch circle works just fine. To move the dough from the work surface to a pie plate, carefully roll it around the pin, then unroll the pastry into the dish. If necessary, gently move the dough to fit better in the pan but be careful not to stretch it or it'll shrink during baking. When it comes to making pies, you won't go wrong with Better Homes and Gardens Secrets to Success.