How to Cook a Turkey with Herbs

Use herbs, such as sage, in addition to salt, pepper, and onions for a delicious take on roast turkey. Our turkey recipe ensures flavorful results for your Thanksgiving dinner or for any other special-occasion dinner.

-I'm Jennifer with the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. Turkey is the centerpiece to every Thanksgiving table. This holiday, make your turkey extra flavorful with fresh herbs. These simple steps are the secrets to success. First, rinse the turkey and pat it dry with paper towels then carefully loosen the skin over the breast by gently sliding your hand underneath it. Before doing this, though, remove any rings or jewelry, so you don't tear the skin. Now, for those flavor secrets, slight leaves of fresh sage between the skin and meat keeping the leaves flat. This step will really infuse the breast meat with savory sage flavor. Then, tuck more sage leaves and onion wedges into the neck and body cavities. They'll help flavor the pan drippings which you'll use to make gravy. Next, fasten the neck, tie the legs together, and transfer the turkey to a roasting pan. Brush the bird with melted butter and season with salt and pepper before roasting. With Better Homes and Gardens secrets to success, your holiday menu will be better than ever.