How to Make Shortbread Cookies

Three-ingredient shortbread cookies still have secrets—it’s all about how you work in the butter. Watch as we demonstrate the techniques to make delicious, sandy shortbread cookies.

-I??m Liz with the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. Shortbread cookies are essentially just 3 ingredients; flour, sugar and butter. But the secret to shortbread success is all in how you incorporate the butter. Here??s how to do it. First, cut cold butter into the flour and sugar mixture using a pastry blender, much like you would if you were making a pie dough. The one difference is that you??re going to blend the butter in more thoroughly than you do the pie dough that will help give the shortbread its classic sandy texture. Once you??ve worked the butter and with the pastry blender it will seem crumbly and won??t hold together. So use your hands to gently knead the dough together, the warmth of your hands will help soften the butter slightly so it starts to hold its shape. After kneading, you can either roll or pat the dough out and use cookie cutters and knife or a pizza cutter to cut it to shapes. Work quickly though or the butter may soften too much and cause the finished shortbread to become greasy or you could roll the dough into balls and then press with a cookie stamp for an interesting variation. With Better Homes and Gardens secret to success, the buttery goodness of classic shortbread is in your hands.