How to Make Rolled-Out Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a holiday staple—make your best-ever sugar cookie recipe with our Test Kitchen’s secrets for rolling out the dough, using cookie cutters, and getting creative with the leftover sugar cookie dough.

I'm still with Better Homes and Gardens. Christmas cookies are a big deal in the test kitchen, and at the top of our list, Rolled Out Sugar Cookies. Over the years, we discovered some pretty cool secrets to success for making tender, mouthwatering cookies. Let me show you how. For the best results, divide the chilled dough in half before rolling out so you have more control. Stick the other half of the dough back in the fridge until you're ready to roll it. Next, lightly flour your work surface. Too much flour may make the cookies tough but be sure to use enough so the dough doesn't stick. Now, roll the dough out working from the center to the edges to about1/4 to 1/8-inch thick. Now, as you cut out shapes, position the cookie cutters as close together as possible so you have few scraps. Carefully transfer the cutouts to your cookies sheets using a wide spatula. The cutouts are sometimes fragile and the wide blade of the spatula will help prevent them from stretching or breaking. Work quickly too so that the dough doesn't soften. Finally, gather the scraps and re-roll once using as little flour as possible. That can also make the cookie stuff. Now here's a fun secret for using those scraps from that second rolling. Just cut them into random pieces and bake separately. They make a great crunchy topic for ice cream or incorporate the scraps into the other portion of dough that hasn't been rolled out yet. With out secrets to success, tender sugar cookies are just a few simple steps away with Better Homes and Gardens.