How to Make Chocolate Ganache

Decorate cakes, brownies, and other desserts with gorgeous and tasty chocolate ganache. From choosing the best chocolate to the right times to stir the mixture, we’ll help you master this decadent dessert topping.

-I??m Sue with the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen. Ganache is a classic French chocolate icing or glaze. It??s looks impressive and taste even better, but the fact is the silky chocolate is super simple to make especially if you follow our secrets to success, but fist thing you need to do is choose your chocolate. Most chocolate will give good results except white baking and unsweetened. If you like the way chocolate taste on its own, you like it in the Ganache. Chips are the easiest to use, but bars are good too. You??ll just have to break or cut them up in smaller pieces before blending. Ganache is nothing more than blending good chocolate with hot cream. To begin, over medium high heat, bring whipping cream just to a boil. You may have heard the old cooking term scalded milk. Well, this is it. Small bubbles around the sides, but before rolling boil. Here in the test kitchen, we tend to baby sit and stir the heating cream to make sure it doesn??t scorch or boil over. And sometimes in the test kitchen, we heat the cream on a double boiler. It gets us around any possibility of scorching or boiling over. Now, remove the hot cream from the heat and then on the chocolate and here??s the secret, don??t stir. You wanna get the chocolate a little time to get use to its new warm environment and melt gently into the cream. 5 minutes should make both ingredients happy. Okay, now, you can stir until it??s silky smooth, then let the Ganache sit until it thickened slightly. Ganache shouldn??t too thick or too thin. It just needs to be pourable, yet spreadable, so it drips gracefully over the side of a cake. We love Ganache in the test kitchen. We use it to dress up all kinds of desserts from drizzling over eclairs to dipping cupcake tops and cookies, just spreading over tart, bars, or brownies, to beautifully finishing a pancake. With Better Homes and Gardens Secrets to success, you??ll love Ganache too.