How to Frost and Glaze Cookies

Make your sugar cookies extra special with these simple frosting techniques. One of our secrets is to turn the same frosting into a glaze. We also show you how sprinkles can dress up your cookies.

I??m Sue with the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. A little bling makes even the simplest cookie look elegant, but decorating doesn??t have to be a day long process with piping bags and tips. With out Secret to Success, you??ll see how easy it is to tweak one basic frosting to get two completely different looks. Start with your favorite basic frosting made with butter, powdered sugar and a little vanilla. Even can frosting works. If you need to, thin it out with just enough milk so it??s spreadable. It shouldn??t be so stiff that the cookie breaks as the frosting is spread on it. In the test kitchen, we love a small offset spatula for frosting cookies, but a table knife works fine. If you??d like to add sprinkles, and who doesn??t? Be sure to put them on the cookies while the frosting is still soft and moist so they stick. Now, here??s the secret I wanted to tell you about. If you want to glaze the cookies instead, gently warm that same frosting in a microwave. Start with 15-second burst at 50% power until it??s melted just a little. It should be thick enough that it??ll cling to and coat a cookie. And as before, add any sprinkly decoration while the glaze is wet so it sticks. With Better Homes and Gardens Secret to Success, it really is possible to decorate cookie simply, quickly and beautifully.