How to Spray Paint a Chair

Refresh a wood chair with spray paint. Here’s how to complete this easy decorating project that will give old furniture new life.

-Hi. I??m Amy Panos from Better Homes and Gardens. You know, spray painting something is about as close to instant decorating gratification as you can get. So follow our tips for the best possible result. A clean surface insures the paint will adhere evenly and smoothly. Use a tack cloth to pick up any dust or grit leftover from sanding. Apply a thin coat of spray primer with long even strokes. You might be tempted to skip this step but don??t. You??ll get a much better result. Let it dry completely. Paint the underside and any details first so any over spray gets covered by subsequent coats. Use a light touch to prevent the paint from running. If you??re covering a large surface, be sure to overlap your strokes, this gives you even coverage. Use it side to side motion while spraying and paint pass the object. Remember to release the trigger after each pass, this gives your finger a quick break and let you spray evenly for longer periods of time. Apply 2 to 3 thin coat of spray paint. Complete 1 entire coat including all the details and the underside before starting the next. Allow to dry completely between coats. See how easy it is to get a great result from a painting project? Go ahead and give it a try.