Easy Landscape Lighting

It’s easy to add landscape lighting to your yard. Learn how to install low-voltage and solar landscape lights in just an afternoon.

-Landscape lighting is an easy way to add possess to your landscape and it's a project simply enough for anyone to do themselves. The basic parts of a low voltage system included transformer power supply like this one which plugs in to any household outlet. You'll also need a power cable as well as the lights. To install lighting, place the lights where you want them, then run the cable so it can connect with each light. Connections are easy and typically involve a simple connector like this one. Once you've wired all the lights, finish by connecting the cable power supply. Turn it on. And if all the lights work, you can bury the line or simply cover it with mulch. Low voltage lines can be buried directly in the ground so there's no need for conduit. Be sure to follow the manufacturer instructions with full specified to maximum wattage you can run from the power supply. Normally, the only maintenance needed is occasional replacement of the light bulbs which is as simple as pulling the old one out and pushing in a new one. Solar garden lights are an alternative to low voltage systems. The advantage is that you can place it anywhere you like and there's no installation. Just push them into the ground and you're done. They won't shine as brightly or as long as low voltage lights. Maybe not at all if it's been cloudy. But they are usually adequate to light the pathway. Either way, landscape lights are affordable, easy way to add elegance to your home.