How to Frost Sugar Cookies

Frost your cookies just like the bakery -- our tips ensure success. Starting with the piping bag, we help you discover the little tricks you can use to make pretty decorated cookies for any occasion.

-I'm Sue from the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. If you've always wanted to decorate cookies like they come out of a pastry shop, well then, you've come to the right place. With a few basics and are secrets to success, you can make gorgeous decorated cookies right in your own kitchen. First, fit a piping bag with a small round tip and a coupler. Then fill the bag with some royal icing. Gently squeeze the bag to get the icing flowing then pipe an outline around the edge of a cookie. This icing border will help keep the icing inside the cookie. Next, fill up the cookie inside the border using more icing, if you need too thin the icing with a small amount of warm water to get it to flow easily. But be careful not to thin it out too much or it won't cover the cookie well. Finally, use a small offset spatula spoon or paint brush to gently push the icing over the surface of the cookie until it reaches the border. Let the cookie stand until they are completely dry before packaging and storing. With these secrets to success from Better Homes and Gardens, you're well on your way to creating edible works of art for the holidays or anytime.