How to Make Slice and Bake Cookies

Learn how to make classic (and easy!) slice-and-bake cookies just like our Test Kitchen experts. It’s simple to create delicious cookie recipes when you see how to roll, wrap, slice, and store the cookies.

-I'm Liz with the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. Sliced and baked cookies are a classic and so easy to make. But if you've ever wonder how to make them perfectly round. We have a couple of secrets to success that will help you out. This type of cookie dough is usually too soft to slice neatly. So chilling the dough for a while will help firm it up and make it easy to slice. Shape your prepared dough into a cylinder then wrap it in plastic wax or parchment paper. If you'd like to dress the cookies up a bit, roll the cylinders and finely chopped nuts, coarse sugar or sprinkles before wrapping. Now put the cylinders into tall glasses, vases or even a bag out pan if you have one before chilling. This will help them keep their shape in the fridge. It's a good idea to rotate the cylinders during chilling so they're even with no sign of a flat side on the dough. Then, as you slice the cookies for baking, rotate the cylinder a quarter turn with each slice. As you slice, pressure from the knife could cost the dough to flatten out slightly. And this rotation will help keep the shape even with Better Homes and Gardens, secrets to success. Now all your sliced and baked cookies will be gorgeous, perfectly round and great tasting.