How to Melt Chocolate to Make Dipped Cookies

Make pretty decorated cookies with little effort. Melted chocolate adds a beautiful (and tasty) flourish that can transform even store-bought cookies. We help you select the best chocolate for melting and share our secret to timing the melting process to create the very best dipped cookies.

-I'm Sue with the Better Homes and Gardens. Dipping cookies in chocolate is super simple technique that doesn't require the time or steady hand of piping. Here are some dipping secrets to success that we use all the time in the test kitchen. There are several chocolate options for dipping-- bitter sweet, semi sweet, and milk chocolate are all great testing choices. Chocolate candy coating and almond bar are other options, although their flavor isn't as good as pure chocolate. However, it does sit beautifully and in the test kitchen, we often melt equal parts of candy coating with ***CUT DICTATION***