How to Make Macaroni and Cheese

A creamy white cheese sauce takes this macaroni and cheese recipe from basic to brava. Secret simmering tips and step-by-step instruction help you cook the best version of this comfort food yet.

-Hi. I'm Sue with the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. Need a comfort food fix? Macaroni and Cheese always fits the bell. But instead of breaking out the box, why not give this home-made macaroni and cheese a try? The secret is the classic white sauce. In French, it's called Bechamel and it's key to the creamiest, cheesiest dish. To make the sauce, saute the onions and butter until they're tender and translucent. Be sure to cook them completely so there are no longer crunchy and their flavor mellows out. Next, sprinkle the flour over the onions stirring to coat. Now here's the test kitchen secret. Cook for a minute or two to eliminate the starchy taste in the flour. Then add the milk all at once. In the test kitchen, we switched from a spoon to a whisk at this stage to help break up any lumps of flour. Now, bring the milk to a simmer. This is important because it allows the sauce to thicken properly. Just be sure to whisk the sauce often to prevent scorching and sticking. Finally, sprinkle the cheeses and pepper into the nut mixture and cook just until the cheeses melt then stir in the cooked macaroni and bake until bubbly. Now you know the Better Homes and Gardens secret to success from home-made macaroni and cheese. It's all in the sauce.