How to Bake Banana Bread

Make your best-ever banana bread with our secrets to selecting the bread pan, greasing the pan, and mashing the bananas. We even share our best slicing secrets for banana bread and other quick breads.

-I??m Sue with Better Homes and Gardens. Over the years, we??ve made a lot of quick bread in the test kitchen and all of that testing has given us some pretty cool secrets to success that I know will make your banana bread or any other quick bread better than ever, turns out that choosing and prepping the loft pan is important. To prep, we found that greasing the pan only on the bottom and about 1.2 inch at the sides helps create a quick bread with a perfectly done top. Resist the urge degrees to sides all the way up to the top. That could cause the batter to rise up the sides as it bakes then fall causing ledges and a flatter topped loaf. Now, here??s a secret specifically for banana bread. You can use a fork, potato masher or a pastry blender to mash the bananas and be sure to use fruit that??s pretty ripe for the best flavor. Finally, try not to cut in the quick bread when it??s warm. I know it??ll be difficult but the bread will be crumbly and hard to slice. In fact, they??ll get perfect slices if you wrap the cool bread in plastic and store at room temperature overnight. Now that you have our test kitchen secrets to success, you??ll love the way your quick breads look and taste.