Make a Statement

Heidi Klum shares tips for making a statement with jewelry.

-Hi everybody. I'm Heidi Klum and today I'm shooting for Better Homes and Gardens. -That's right there. One more time. -I would say my personal style is eclectic. I like to have a lot of things around like pin boards and things that I'm working on, colors watches. I'm very visual and I need to see a lot of things. My new jewelry line is called Wild Life by Heidi Klum and there again in the name it says it all. To have a wild life, to have fun in your life, so all pieces, you know, are different. They kind of do work together as a family because I use a lot of the same metals and a lot of colored stones, but they're all quite bit. I like big statement jewelry. I think if you wear a custom jewelry it might as well big. When I sit next to Nina Garcia and Michael Kors on Project runway, they sometimes think I pile on too many things. That's always a matter of who you asked, but me, I think more [unk] blended so I like a lot.