Fall Fashion Essentials

Heidi Klum takes a break from her photo shoot to share five fall fashion essentials.

Hi, everybody. I'm Heidi Klum. And today, I'm shooting for Better Homes and Gardens. So, I picked five fall essentials for everybody, and my first one would be a structured blazer. We're showing it today with some cool jeans, they have a lot of pattern to them which is very on trend right now, with a different pattern on top and with black tops. My second one would be the pencil skirt. I think everyone should have a pencil skirt and you have to be careful that it's not too long or too short, so you have to find the perfect length. And this skirt has a different texture than the blouse has, that's fine too. And again, you can just wear it with a pump. My third pick would be statement jewelry. Custom jewelry is very important because you can really vamp up any old t-shirt or if you have a great sweater like with a beautiful neckline, it kind of gives a big statement like a pow and it brings out your personality and it's a little bit more fun. My fourth one would be a cozy sweater. So you can just wear them with regular jeans, black jeans, blue jeans. Today, I mixed it with, you know, cool jeans, with kind of holes in it. My essential would be a sexy dress. I chose this dress today because it resembles all my style. So it's a form-fitted dress and it has a little bit of leather accent to it. I think everyone needs those basics and everyone kind of has to make them work for their own body shape.