Growing Lilies and Daylilies in Your Garden

Daylilies and lilies are two big-impact, easy-to-grow plants for your summer garden.

-Surely, lilies and beautiful Daylilies bring drama and color to any garden. And because they're perennials, you get to enjoy them every year. There are two main classes of lily, Asiatic and Oriental. Asiatic lilies are generally shorter, have upward-facing flowers, and bloom in early summer. They come in many different colors and bicolors and slowly expanding your garden every year. Their average height is about 3 feet. Oriental lilies tend to be a little taller. If you live in a windy area, consider staking them to keep them from toppling. Oriental lilies bloom a little later than the Asiatics. So, if you blend them together, you will have lilies all summer long. Many Orientals are also wonderfully fragrant. Daylilies, on the other hand, get their name because each bloom lasts for just a single day, but the plants themselves are so productive, you'll have blooms for weeks. Standard Daylilies grow about 3 feet tall. One trait they share with regular lilies is that the best time to plant them is in fall. This is the most common reblooming Daylily, Stella d'Oro. It blooms from June until frost which makes it a really common landscape plant. There are a variety of colors and styles, all of which re-bloom. The flowers are smaller than the average Daylily, but because they re-bloom, you can depend on them for a long season of color. Both lilies and Daylilies require a sunny location with six to eight hours of direct sun a day. Oriental lilies are slightly more shade tolerant. You can buy lilies in pots in the spring, but they're really best planted in the fall from bulbs. Once established, you don't need to dig them. Just leave them in place every year. A little extra planting this year can result in beautiful flowers next summer.