to Divide Ornamental Grasses

How to Divide Ornamental Grasses

Learn how to divide ornamental grasses in your landscape to keep them healthy and beautiful.

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#Mon Sep 03 22:30:28 EDT 2012 status=Transcribed guid=212b9566-4d67-4562-92ce-42824156d3ed editor=User Submitted timestamp=1346725828913 transcript=[time\=0\:00\:03]\nSome gardeners wonder they'll know when it's time to divide perennials. In the case of certain grasses, the plants will tell you. Some such as this miscanthus gradually die out in the center over several years. When they form a distinct donut shape like this one, it's time to divide. Spring is a good time to do this because you can tell which parts of the clumps are still vigorous. To divide a grass, dig up the clump with a shovel or spading fork. You may need to dig up large clumps a piece at a time.\n\n[time\=0\:00\:30]\nWhen it's all out of the ground, choose the section that seems vigorous and split it off from the rest of the clump, then replanted in the hole. The remaining sections can be discarded or planted elsewhere. A grass clump can be divided even it doesn't die out in the center. If you want division is plant elsewhere or the plant is getting too large, follow the same steps.