Water Garden Plants

Choose the best types of plants for your water garden.

-Water gardens add drama to any landscape. Whether you have a large water garden like this one or small compact feature, there are some things you need to keep in mind to have success. Aquatic plants come in 3 basic types; floaters, bog, and surface plants like water lilies and lotus. Floating plants have long root systems and literally float on the surface of the water. They help add oxygen to the water for your fish and their long root systems keep the water clear. Bog plants grow in the edges of your pond providing fish place to spawn and softening the edge of your garden. Plants in this category include arrowhead, iris, parrot feather, cattail, and papyrus. Finally, water lilies or lotus are the crowning touch to a water garden. Not only are they spectacular, but their large flat leaves cover the surface of the water shading it, which helps limit the growth of algae. A mix of these plants make the garden look more natural and will keep your water clear.