Fragrant Flowers to Your Garden

Add Fragrant Flowers to Your Garden

Grow wonderfully fragrant scented flowers in your yard to give your eyes and nose a treat.

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-A sweet scent is one of the best benefits of a flower garden. The right flowers will make you stop and enjoy both their color and their fragrance. Many plants released more of their fragrance in the evening especially the flower ones. Be sure to plant them along your walkway where you can enjoy their scents after work. Nicotiana or Flowering Tobacco is a very easy annual to grow. This variety is called Woodland Nicotiana, it's very old-fashioned highly fragrant especially at night and can grow 6 feet tall. Annual Sweet Peas are favorite old-fashioned flower that can climb on the fence or trailers. They bloom in spring but burned out once it gets hot. Be sure to plant your seeds in the ground early. Most roses are fragrant, but old-fashioned roses are among the most fragrant. This is a Dwarf Rugosa Rose called Frau Karl Druskchki. Rugosas are tough as nails and very fragrant. They are known as the Beach Rose in the Eastern U.S. because they are often found growing along shore line. People don't often think about Petunias when they think about fragrant flowers. But they can be highly fragrant especially in the evening. Petunias come in many colors and bi-colors but the white ones are among the most fragrance. Old-fashioned varieties typically have more scent than the newer hybrids. Phlox is an extra-ordinary fragrant summer blooming perennial. It's drought resistant and comes in a wide variety of colors. It blooms mid-summer right up until frost. In shady spots, you can still have fragrant flowers too. May varieties of hostess are sweetly scented. Read the labels to make sure the variety you're considering is fragrance. A fragrant flower garden is one of the best part of summer, add some scented varieties to your garden this year.